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Kouatchou - Roots Reggae artist

Wiseman Productions has worked with Kouatchou on several music videos. From planning, filming, editing and delivery on social media. You can see recent projects below.


"Independent UK-based Cameroonian Roots Reggae artist Kouatchou is a conscientious artist who crafts and combines poignant wording and emotive music, with a delivery as powerful as it is accessible. His songs reflect one man’s heartfelt plea for decency, compassion, respect and true peace for all beings in the world."

'I was born in the former British colony of Southern Cameroon, but my parents came from French Speaking Cameroon, the two later combining to form the current United Republic of Cameroon. I fled the country in 1996 amid the rising climate of injustice, corruption and marginalisation of my brothers and sisters suffering on both sides of the wicked dictatorship of the time. Sadly nothing has changed to this day and the regime continues to ravage my homeland and its long-oppressed population.'

Kouatchou on Midi TV

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In this first episode of Devon’s very own amazing TV channel –  MIDI TV – Super talented reggae music artist Kouatchou talks to Abbe Martin (Sound of The Sirens) about his collaboration with Wiseman Productions (that part of the interview is from 10mins 53secs). Thanks to Kouatchou, Abbe Martin and MIDI TV for the mention.


Working with Kouatchou is always a rewarding experience and we can’t wait to get on with his next exciting project – watch this space! To find out more about the MIDI TV initiative, or Kouatchou and Abbe check the links: 

Kouatchou – Facebook 

MIDI TV – Website

Abbe Martin – Website



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