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  • Event Filming | Wiseman Productions

    Wiseman Productions Event Filming Unleash our inner visual artist, with a stand out event film from Wiseman Productions. We love getting right in the mix and this is reflected in the indulgent and immersive event films we create. More Event Films

  • 'Us' - Documentary | Wiseman Productions

    Project 01 'Us' Documentary Calling all humans! We are looking for people to take part in this visual survey of human aspiration. A documentary looking at what is it to be human and what kind of world we want to see? Is there a commonality in human desire to create a better world and how do we achieve it? We have interviewed a kids, teachers, musicians, old people, young people, a 34th generation Shaolin monk, an MP, a world body building champion and many more to come. To find out more please get in touch. Watch the current trailers below and head here for more information on the film. You can also download an overview of the film in PDF here . 'US' Documentary 'US' Documentary Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... Now Playing 'Us' Trailer - Question 5 - Rose.m4v 01:39 Play Video Now Playing 'US' Trailer - Question 4 - Daniel 01:23 Play Video Now Playing 'US' Trailer - Question 2 - Noah 01:04 Play Video Now Playing 'US' Trailer - Question 2 - Kouatchou 00:56 Play Video INTERVIEWS SO FAR MILES TRAVELLED HOURS OF FOOTAGE 45 1200 12

  • Our Projects | Wiseman Productions

    Our Projects Below are some of our recent projects. Project 01 V I E W > Project 02 V I E W > Project 03 V I E W > Project 04 V I E W > Project 05 V I E W >

  • Contact Us | Wiseman Productions

    Contact Us Go on! Get in touch! You know you want to! Need a quote? Have a question? Not sure if we can deliver what you need? Get in touch and let's have a chat and see where we're at. Exeter, Devon, UK TEL: 07863 802 631 EMAIL: Name Your email Organisation name Your role Your website address How can we help? If requesting a quote please consider including Length of your finished video Possible locations Your target audience Deadline for finished film Submit What we do with your contact information We will use your information to contact you about your video project. We will never spam you and we will never pass your details on to anyone else without your express permission. Thanks for submitting!

  • Sound Gallery Studios | Wiseman Productions

    Project 02 Sound Gallery Studios Wiseman Productions is currently working with Sound Gallery studios on several projects. This includes consultation, animated logo's, photography, youth workshops and music video production. ​ Sound Gallery Studios is the longest-standing professional recording studio in Exeter run by artist-led social enterprise Sound Gallery CIC, nestled in the basement of Exeter Phoenix in the cultural heart of the city. For more on the exciting upcoming projects Sound Gallery are working on see here Go to link Go to link Go to link Go to link Go to link Go to link Go to link Go to link 1/1 Agent Starling Play Video

  • Kouatchou | Wiseman Productions

    Anchor 01 Anchor 1 Project 03 Kouatchou - Roots Reggae artist Wiseman Productions has worked with Kouatchou on several music videos. From planning, filming, editing and delivery on social media. You can see recent projects below . "Independent UK-based Cameroonian Roots Reggae artist Kouatchou is a conscientious artist who crafts and combines poignant wording and emotive music, with a delivery as powerful as it is accessible. His songs reflect one man’s heartfelt plea for decency, compassion, respect and true peace for all beings in the world." ​ 'I was born in the former British colony of Southern Cameroon, but my parents came from French Speaking Cameroon, the two later combining to form the current United Republic of Cameroon. I fled the country in 1996 amid the rising climate of injustice, corruption and marginalisation of my brothers and sisters suffering on both sides of the wicked dictatorship of the time. Sadly nothing has changed to this day and the regime continues to ravage my homeland and its long-oppressed population.' Kouatchou on Midi TV In this first episode of Devon’s very own amazing TV channel – MIDI TV – Super talented reggae music artist Kouatchou talks to Abbe Martin (Sound of The Sirens) about his collaboration with Wiseman Productions (that part of the interview is from 10mins 53secs). Thanks to Kouatchou, Abbe Martin and MIDI TV for the mention. Working with Kouatchou is always a rewarding experience and we can’t wait to get on with his next exciting project – watch this space! To find out more about the MIDI TV initiative, or Kouatchou and Abbe check the links: Kouatchou – Facebook MIDI TV – Website Abbe Martin – Website Kouatchou Play Video Anchor 1

  • Exeter Respect Festival | Wiseman Productions

    Project 05 Exeter Respect Festival Exeter Respect is the city’s annual celebration of diversity where we use the performing and creative arts to engage the wider community in saying no to racism and all forms of prejudice. The Respect ethos is a simple one: racism and prejudice often spring from fear, and fear is often based on ignorance, so let’s overcome ignorance by getting to know one another and sharing not shunning our cultures. One of the best ways to get to know someone is to enjoy yourself with them, hence our celebratory event and adoption of the old Commission for Racial Equality slogan: All Different, All Equal! The first Exeter Respect festival took place in 1997 and there has been a celebration virtually every year since then. From 2003 to 2008 Exeter Respect’s biggest event was at Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre, but from 2009 to the present day our focus has been a giant two day festival in Belmont Park, with a footfall of around 20,000 people every year. Exeter Respect Festival 2022 - Celebrating 25 Play Video

  • Wiseman Productions. Video Productions Services.

    Services Here at Wiseman Productions we offer planning, filming, editing, drone and marketing services. Get in touch today to see how we can harness the power of video to meet your need, solve your problem and make your day, with a top notch Wiseman Productions service. We can't wait to work with you! Filming Services Interviews, music videos, documentary, promo's, you name it, we'll make it special. From planning to completion, we're here to help deliver a top notch service. Editing Services Already shot your footage? We can edit all types of content and output in all sorts of formats. Drone Services Need drone video, or photography? We can sort that for you. Fully insured and CAA compliant, with a flair for flying! Marketing Services We've undertaken bespoke training to position ourselves perfectly to drive sales to your business using video. Book a discovery call to find out how we can help your business to grow.

  • Wiseman Productions. Video Production services. Exeter, Devon, UK

    NOT YOUR AVERAGE VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY Welcome to Wiseman Productions - We're Dan and Bo Wiseman and we're a family run film company that provide lovingly made, stand-out video content for charities, individuals and businesses. We also Produce stunning music videos - See here . We only work on a limited run of projects at any one time and dedicate all our attention to you and your ambitions. Call Dan or Bo and start a creative friendship that we're confident will last for years to come. Start Now “Having worked with Dan on a number of occasions now, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him and his services.. which are excellent. He has been able to grasp the feel and nuance of the particular projects he has undertaken for us, ensuring that the end product is actually what we requested. Most important he listens, is easy to get along with and produces great work. ​ ​ Julian Tagg, Chairman, Exeter City FC B4TheFall “Best music video by a UK artist this year” Clapper Priest “Sick editing” Abiola Lyons “A perfect and powerful contribution to this generation” Dorret Horne “your video gave me chills, loved it!” Brenda Clark “Brilliant video guys!” Jo Gib 01 02 03 Projects: 04 05

  • NewBias | Wiseman Productions

    Project 04 NEWBIAS CIC Dan Wiseman is one of the directors of NEWBIAS CIC: A parent-led, Arts-based Community Interest Company with a strong focus on Youth Re-engagement and Community Regeneration. We are the lead partner in SWUK for Respace Projects, winners of the 2019 Sustainable Cities Award . ​ Wiseman Productions produce video content for the CIC, including music videos, live performances and video production training for vunerable young people. You can find out more about NEWBIAS CIC here. NEWBIAS CIC Play Video

  • About Us | Wiseman Productions

    About Us Welcome to Wiseman Productions. This is the portal to our creative hub. We don’t just do great promotional video for businesses and charities. We don’t just do stand out music videos. We are a community focused video production company. What does that mean, I hear you ask with a faint air of skepticism. Well, essentially it’s our way of saying we don’t just do videos, we partner with businesses, orgs and individuals to identify and reach out to their community, or help to build one, for those just starting to find their audience. Check out some of our previous clients testimonials here If you're looking to increase the amount of high end clients, we use our bespoke marketing training to exponentially drive sales for your business through the creation of tailor made video content layered throughout your marketing ecosystem - using tried and tested content we deliver high value gains for your brand. If you want to find out more about our packages and how they can help you achieve game changing results, then get in touch today and we will arrange a discovery call. WE HAVE SOME NICE GADGETS We have 4K & 6K resolution cameras. We have drones and wired camera systems and green screens! But that's to be expected. More importantly, what we have in bucketloads, is passion for our clients projects and the savvy to deliver. We listen. We plan. We graft. We love what we do. We're sure you will too! CONTACT US Dan Dan spent years funding his adventures through the art and unrelenting slog of catering, this allowed him to to cook for a wide variety of palates including the delectable Kate Winslet and enabled him to travel from the North of Cornwall, to the French Alps and back again. He is an avid film addict and reading books is about the only thing that can tear him away when he's relaxing, which isn't that often as he has three young children to chase and several projects on the go at any one time. Dan first got the bug for film making whilst residing in London and tagging along with his sister whilst she undertook her film degree. This led to him chasing around various locations from London to Bodmin moor, meeting all sorts of inspiring influences on the way. He has continued to have a varied background in film making- from being a runner on shoots ranging from a technical Oscar shoot to a British heart foundation video, to multi- tasking as producer/ cameraman, or director/ cameraman; working with Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson, the Civil Aviation Authority, the NHS and various charities and musicians. Dan is tenacious and highly creative and has always had to fulfil more than one role on production teams and as such has a strong skill base to work from. Bo The first time Bo had a relevant answer for the 'hobbies and interests' section of an application form was when she applied to film school. At last all those years of happy snapping, daft doodling and silly stories made sense and her oddness found a home. Still, three successful years and one BA(Hons) in Contemporary Media Practice later, she couldn't shake the idea that film making was just a hobby - albeit an all consuming one, topped only by writing. A few random encounters with children led to the discovery of another passion - teaching, which seemed much more like a proper job. For ten years Bo taught in primary schools from Devon to Peru, making sure to give as many children as possible the opportunity to work together to make their own movies. With SATs stifling creativity in the classroom and brother Dan getting his film degree, Bo finally decided the time had come to commit to film making full-time. She still works with children whenever she can (video production party anyone?) and loves the fact that film making gives her endless opportunities to continue to learn new things and meet new people. When she is not making movies, Bo spends her time learning new skills, creating graphics and logos in Photoshop and Illustrator and - mostly - reading and writing books for youngsters.

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