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Q. What's included in my quote?


A.  Pre-production - For Promotional and SEO Video; Training and Demonstration Video and Motion Graphics all reasonable planning and preparation work is free of charge. 

Production - Fully qualified, experienced crew, filming in stunning full HD.

Post-production - Experienced editors using the latest professional video editing software - your choice of Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. Plus motion graphics and effects using After Effects, Motion and Flash.

Q. What format will my video be?

A. We can output your video into almost any format you might require and using most mediums. For example if you want a windows friendly WMV file that can be shared online or printed on to DVD - no problem, or you might want an FLV to load into your Flash player on your website, we can do it. Maybe you need small file for email AND a large file for high quality viewing on a big screen - then this is also no problem. Basically we could export the file in virtually any codec, or file type and present it in numerous, flexible formats depending on your requirements.

Q. Do I need to worry about copyright?

A. Use of logos, products etc: As long as it's your business, product, concept or logo you want us to feature, there is no problem here.
Use of music: With regards to music choices, we tend to use non-mainstream artists, some of whom ask simply for a credit at the end of the video. On occasions where a small cost is incurred (for example if you require a particular type of music, which we cannot access for free), we would factor this into any quotes we do for you. When wishing to use mainstream music, the price of the licenses increase dramatically and they are often limited to a year's use, so please bear this in mind when making your choice of track/s.

Q. How much does a video production cost?

A. This is a tough question to answer! The answer often depends on a wide range of factors and many video production companies will charge you for every little extra. At Wiseman Productions though, we don't believe in giving people nasty surprises. As long as the brief for your project does not change significantly, we will never charge you more than our original quote. This quote will be based on the length of time it will take to complete your film from shooting to completed edit. 

Q. How long will it take to make my video? 

A. This will depend on a variety of factors - such as how detailed your requirements are, how many locations you want to show, how long you want the final video to be, whether you require actors, or a presenter and more.

Q. What if I have no idea what I want for my video?

A. Some clients come to us with a clear idea of what they want but more often than not they simply want to promote themselves and are unsure as to how. This is the norm and it is of course part of our service to work this all out for you. We would then present you with several concepts we feel will best get your business across in the best light, so you can choose a concept that you are happy with.

Q. What if I have a very specific brief for my video? 

A. We are very happy to work to your specific requirements. This is your video and we want to provide you with the best possible service and the best quality product at the end.We will always take time to ensure we understand your needs and keep you informed every step of the way so that your finished video is the one you want.

Q. What would I do with a promotional video?

A.  So you've got your lovely, professional video - now what to do with it? Well there are a number of options. You may wish to print copies onto a DVD and display them in your place of business, or hand them out at trade shows; maybe send them to potential or existing clients. You could use your film to advertise in local cinemas, or email them as part of virtual mail outs. The file could also be uploaded to the internet, either to your own YouTube channel, which we could help you set up, or to your own website, or any of the numerous video hosting sites available. 

There's also scope for having video on your directory pages, such as Yell.com, or Touch Local. Some businesses have a TV playing adverts in their reception area and your video would make a fantastic addition to this feature, enabling you to provide an information service while also giving your business an extra boost in credibility.

We will even host your video on our own website and YouTube channel at no extra cost.

Q. What is an SEO video?

AA video designed to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) standing. Not only do videos and images often rank higher than websites in Google search but You Tube is in itself the second biggest search engine after google! In order to boost your rankings on search engines we meta tag all our video productions using the most appropriate keywords for your organisation. Equally importantly, we will work with you to ensure that your video is memorable and gets your message through to your new found audience.

Q. What is the difference between a promotional video and an SEO video?

A. In essence an SEO video can often be a promotional video but it is tailored to boost your SEO potential and is thus planned and meta tagged with this in mind. A promotional video is tailored to highlight the plus side of using your services above others. It will show off your best assets and perhaps provide an example of your work and contact details. 

The SEO video could be on a subject which somehow relates to the trade you are in and may be of interest to someone looking into that subject, who by seeing your video is indirectly made aware of what you have to offer.

Q. What would a promotional video do for me?

A. Having your own promotional video gives you a versatile and powerful advertising tool that can be used in a variety of ways to promote your business and services, at a far more competitive price than a magazine advert. Advertising in magazines is limited to the readership of the chosen publication, the magazine eventually gets thrown away and the financial cost is high. A video advert is far more versatile: yours to keep indefinitely and reuse infinitely with the potential to meet a vast amount of people.

You could use your video as a mail out both by sending it via email, or in the post on DVD. It could also be used to spread the word via social network sites such as Facebook, or Myspace. Once it's on YouTube you are exposing your video to the second largest search engine after Google!! More and more people are looking for video as a way of seeing what a company has to offer. 

Your video can show potential customers why what you offer is better than your competitors and existing customers how well you are doing or what new services and offers are coming up. This keeps new customers interested and existing ones content that they are sticking with the right business.

Q. What is a green screen?

A. A green screen or blue screen is a single-colour backdrop for filming in front of. This backdrop can then be easily replaced in post-production by just about anything. Want your presenter to dance on a cloud? No problem! We just film them in front of our green screen, take a separate shot of a real cloud and then combine the two in the edit suite. One click makes the green disappear leaving us with a 'cut-out' of the presenter who we can stand on that cloud. In fact we can put that cut-out presenter anywhere: in the middle of a spinning record, running across your bookshelves or popping out of a cereal box! Or all three at the same time!