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Exeter City Football Club Centenary tour

In 2014 Wiseman Productions followed Exeter City FC on their centenary tour of Brazil

Our first foray into feature length documentary stemmed from Dan reading an article in the local paper. The story revealed that Exeter City football club were the first team to ever play a Brazil national team. In fact back in 1914, when Brazil heard that an English club were touring South America, they contacted Exeter City FC and asked if they would add Brazil to their tour and if so they would pull together a team from their regions to field their first ever national team. Exeter agreed and the rest as they say is history! When Dan read the article he thought it was such an amazing story he felt compelled to contact the club and ask if anyone was filming the tour as it was too good a story to miss. As it turned out the film maker due to travel with them had pulled out just two days previous to Dan getting in touch. The club were keen for Dan to come and and follow them on their historic tour, the only caveat was that Dan would have to raise the expenses including